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Amadéhousse 11/29/2004

Washburn BT10 : Amadéhousse's user review


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Guitar made in Korea, as the Peavey Vanhalen form. 22 frets, 2 humbucker washburn with just one volume and slecteur three positions. Saddle sleeve with rosewood fingerboard, tremolo licensed under Floyd, mca grover. Mine is painted red with a net of crme around the body. She has the face.


Channel trs end, the boxes are small enough cest not bad for the little paws, however, has spent the 12th box can be a little Gnant (for triads sweap eg) because made strait. Cest dhabitude issue but I did test lai friends who play and they strat dtestent this round.
It is moderately heavy, I think a little more than 4 kg (cest not a Les Paul).
The thing that is crap on mine CEST on Floyd, the nest often dentendre springs, no need to fire the despres Satriani (unless you fuck that snacks to worry about changing the strings), it just allows the diving and shooting hyper Modra.
CCAA gnial not acute, as on a Les Paul to do a dcrochement with hand bender at 22.


In his clear slecteur the center can remain a safe (depending on the amps) for Acute against micro EST screaming. a crunch fairly quickly, the saturated cest its field. The bridge pickup has the potato to make mtal, whistling harmonics come out easily, not good cest hyper dfinimais is what Samus. The neck pickup is not as good has got me drooling too.


I have 7 years, I fell for its looks (a change of forms stratum or Les Paul) and potato which has distortion. Bon EST trs not versatile. It is a nice little guitar for beginners and average progress in recent years.