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olaf greuntsson 03/25/2007

Washburn WI65 : olaf greuntsson's user review


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Original core
22 frets, 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers (neck bridge)
Tune-o-matic tailpiece with stop / buz Feiten Tuning System
2 volumes and 2 vcc (splitter system for micro wholesale)
handle of a piece
9 / 10, 24 frets could amliorer the versatility of the instrument.


Channel super enjoyable, perfect for ACCS acute amlior still the satin finish that allows fluid dplacements trs.
trslgre guitar and superb views of the cutaway
never left my amps sound like! (O the era I bought an old laney and micro rolland cube ...).


I play anything, it's nickel, the beatles mtal
rolland cube and micro amps laney k50r to dpart with a heavy metal pedals boss, now a randall Rh50 any lamp.
you can get different sounds trs, the sound of his acoustic mtal as rglages.
the distorted sounds are wonderful, but at dpart, I found the clean sounds aggressive. I did not know rgler an amp. Now with a good amp and turn the knobs, knowing as he must, j'adhre compltement some style I play.
When I got this guitar and my first post opinions on it, I played only the metal base nag, adolescent crisis requires. 2 years later, I learned discovering in all styles, and I find nothing wrong. As the search for high-end shovel plux I even tonn to see how many more coteuses guitars that do not compare (Mayones, Ibanez, Gibson, yes ... ).
I still think the vendors who say "scratch that 600 euros is better than the sg that costs twice ..." are liars. In most cases. But this skyscraper is an exception, mine anyway, because I test latest issue of the handle and the microphone seems a bit severe to me worse. To see ...


Well, I post a notice one week APRS o I said that Miss silent for me better than any Gibson in the world. APRS 2 years I'd say a comparable SG plutt more modern and aggressive, but the Les Paul is well suprieure sr.
The MODEL I bought anyway, is gnial.
In a résumé scratches head trs versatile despite death that may raise doubts certains.rapport q / p excellent, unbeatable 629.
of course I would do this choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!