Whale WSF 300
Whale WSF 300

WSF 300, Other Shape Guitar from Whale.

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ironbull 04/12/2008

Whale WSF 300 : ironbull's user review


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this award comes from the Asia, a simple floyd doing his job properly when the strings were a little older, they stabilized this, just like all the Floyds, one volume, one Tone a split (effective), a round because I know how is litralement oblivion (fantastic). The pickups are not known but they come o trs good, is not expected to change their sound is so INTERESTED, a little vintage, rather soft, trs rich singing.


Lgre, simple, requires affineo (heel), the rgonomie suffers no default ....(???)
lots of good sounds, I have a ibanez rg bin when I want the sound of satriani is the whale that I take, she sings (???)


It approaches the bottom of his incredibly satriani .... .... for the price ...(???); I turn in all directions and I wonder o hides the default. .... all sounds are INTERESTED, all positions, even the micro medium alone ....(???)


Pffff, I spent a lot of guitars, 250euros, with a gig bag is one that has real characters, real sound without tural default ..... I can not believe yet ....
a pleasure to play. simple effective.