Willow's Spirit
Willow's Spirit

Spirit, Other Shape Guitar from Willow's.

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no_quarter 06/02/2006

Willow's Spirit : no_quarter's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Willow's guitars are stringed guitar factories to La Rochelle, they are not easy to find. nantes on there is only one store that sells. "Willow's" littralement, alder. Alder gives the handle a super easy game, cool to jerk the handle ;-) Submitted to the guitar like a Start to the appearance and function but with Rio Grande humbuckers + a gain knob non ngligeable for soli!


The handle is trs enjoyable, easy to play and the guitar is trslgre. you can get a lot of different sounds with the slecteur five positions. there is also a gain knob that adds mdiums normment and sustain, ideal to dmarquer in solos. with such a scraper, you glue him an amp and lights it shines littralement! I jou it with my fender deluxe, wahh and laughed more. we feel that the lamp is its field prdilection.


The pickups are really great river height, trs versatile and each has its own micro personality. so we can get all kinds of sounds. the sound is crystalline gnrale Manir, typical thicknesses of strata with more thanks to humbuckers. but the surprise is when he sticks an overdrive in the ass. the sound is a warmth and roundness unexpected. the neck pickup, he, sounds ample trs, genre les paul. matre the word of this guitar is so versatile. but it sounds great for blues / rock power. I have personal preferences for the penultimate ct micro bridge with an overdrive on a lightweight amp fender lamps: those who know the album 'presence' of Led Zep (unfortunately trs unknown) know what "heat" I mean - the blues of tea for one.


It's a versatile guitar trs normment can play styles, from blues to rock, the same holds good mtal a road (I recorded an album with my former death metal band, and has done really well!). and especially a good quality super skyscraper which explains its price lev when even a little too. a little cheaper would be perfect. IDAL to pass a sound strat-type sound of gibson scne without stopping to change without scratching.