Epiphone FT-130 Caballero
Epiphone FT-130 Caballero

FT-130 Caballero, Other Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the FT series.

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pindou78 07/14/2012

Epiphone FT-130 Caballero : pindou78's user review

«  I love this guitar found in trash »

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This guitar was made in japan late 70s, the era of transition (Kalamazoo and Japan), icon of the folk guitar.
Epiphone FT is recognized internationally, "for a certain superstar this Epi FT130, FT30 heiress of the original kalamanzoo.
This guitar was found in the trash outside of my town in St Cloud 92.
Placed there, waiting for me, a broken head and missing.
Then I found a full round at U.S. $ 75 and after adaptation, various repair, Resolved, nine hooping it rings true.
Over time, I discovered this sublime guitar is awesome! the punch of this instrument ... I have a 1977 Martin D35, I can assure you that I had this guitar sounds fantastic considering its price at the time.
Production with U.S. and Japan all made with the same specifications at the result
violin, make simple but effective by Epiphone Kalamazoo.
In line with the FT30 Caballero, who is originally (untouchable these days).


Lutherie 70 years of Japanese is fantastic, the table is simple and the handle is a incredibly easy to play, neither too fine nor too wide, perfect! freight rates are low with an action, but remains accurate in the game
The shape of this little guitar ditto the FT30 or Martin D28 ... a wasp waist and very balanced.
Access to acute is easy, and sounds more than well, this is a good place to those who master it.
Ergonomics is exceptionally lightweight and robust, it should not be afraid to play with the strength to make it sound is like a guitar that brutality in the game, she is alive.
A delight for guitar, this guitar is a myth "vintage" of nearly 40 years ...
A guitar that has its mythical (In line with the FT30 caballero) of good folk (Type D Martin 28),
this one not to lose.


The sound is above all,
very hot, with aggressive, pure metal and not at all ..

Whether you play blues, folk, and even as an accompaniment, or traditional music in a way it will sound phenomenal.
The treble can be very dry, which helps to release into solos, rhythmic chords in blues, rock ... etc.,
the sound is sometimes dry and hot weather, you want to play it ... it's amazing ..
For solos, or jazz, it happens more than most ..
I read lots of reviews saying that the sound was fantastic, I confirm this guitar is rare,
yet sold a guitar on a budget, over time it is enhanced, and even became the icon of that era.
Epiphone for something you earn, all instruments were produced in Kalamazoo strong character,
Gibson knew, by getting all secrets and much of its makers.
It is this legacy which has made many professional guitarists use it in concert around the world .. it's amazing ..


excellent guitar, to advise all those who seek a true folk guitar of 70 years.
A very particular sound identity, it differs much from other models, and allows it to stand out with class.
I have lots of other models, Martin, Ibanez, Ovation, excellent, but too classy, ​​this style FT30, this simplicity, with a screw shaft 4 a box .... I love it reminds me of my old fender, strat, tele etc. ..

It beautifully accompanies the voice, the guitar class too, simple and beautiful! I strongly advice!
Others said "this is what I hold dearest in the world" and some will say that I need be.
yes but that's a beautiful animal .. my 28 guitars this is the cheapest normal ... I found it in the trash ..
Since I ride for all Epiphone "vintage" electric folk ... etc.