Norman ST40 Folk
Norman ST40 Folk

ST40 Folk, Other Steel String Guitar from Norman in the Studio series.

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THN 03/04/2011

Norman ST40 Folk : THN's user review

«  superb instrument »

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Origin: CANADA
MARTIN rosewood bridge type
14 frets non-cash
Channel D solid mahogany
Cedar top, satin finish
Mahogany satin background with beautiful veins and thread central beautifully. (Maple?)
Mahogany sides of the same nature as the background.
Pretty good rosewood fingerboard origin.
Head perforated conventional mechanical quality, beautiful mahogany veneer on top.


I bought my first Norman (ST30) in 1978 and the handle D has never shocked, I always use this instrument. (The frets were changed since then and the key has been smoothed)
I also use a martin 00016c rgte aura and its handle does not seem better.
In terms of ergonomics, I was looking for a small parlor guitar kind because I am small and my big norman forces me to adopt a position of game that suits me more. (Shoulder problem) Strings (light) of the st40f are very low, the instrument is very user friendly. Careful though not to play too hard with this setting the instrument would tend to curl, but bitch I'll use electro-acoustic fishman barrette not a problem. Caution, however this new guitar will be offered in electronic version in a few months and it remains for the moment relatively hard to find, few copies are available in France.


I play freeze picking game for which it is rightly advised me it seems. I use it mostly in open tuning (DADGAD) steve waring kind Bensousan or stone. Irish sounds very suitable for this instrument that has warm mids. Perhaps at the expense of treble.


I brought this guitar in a store Lyons tried it-some days ago. I compared with an Aria AD dlx (parlor) and a wooden tablet Morning 00.
Aria guitar is pretty, especially at the head. But the sound power is really absent from the more she was not well adjusted to my liking. and the side is rather thick varnish guitar scene. size and type Martin 028.
When the head full martin does not suit me and chipboard bottom and sides do not mount inspired. guitar is harder to play than Norman. The difference was evident on the instruments tested.
The price of this instrument is 650 € which seems justified by the quality of solid wood used and finish the set.