The Loar LH-250 SN
The Loar LH-250 SN
Claudeze 11/24/2013

The Loar LH-250 SN : Claudeze's user review

«  Excellent quality / price ratio. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar made in china, blues box type 30s. 648mm scale (25.5 "), so it is a full-scale unlike most of its counterparts.
Channel Profile C standard.
Solid spruce top, back & sides solid mahogany. Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge.


Light and vibrant guitar, unlike any massive LH-200. The handle and very nice and is forgotten. Very good ergonomics. Beautiful sunburst finish, beautiful vintage varnish.


Contrairemeent to quite small guitars of the same kind, that is not typical blues box in sound and passwords for all styles. (I also have a Epiphone L-00 pro).
Beautiful sound, rich in overtones and a very good volume. Balanced across all frequencies, without any particular dominant in the bass, midrange to treble. The sound is warm.
(For those looking for it, the ear L-00 is more typical blues box, also with less volume).


I have many guitars brand, and this is the first time a Chinese guitar at low cost rivals not only features, but also for sound.
I have taken to replace the L-00 because of the scale (I'm more comfortable on this type of handle) and while at it, I took the (LH-250) a massive version less known than the highly acclaimed LH-200 with back and sides against plywood.
I am not disappointed with the trip!
Cons: finish is not at a retail (home, a favorite polisher too heavy to make a mark) but for the price it is very good to see, including within the checkout. The Nut could be wider (mid MI) as a width of the handle allows. The frets are well polished. (Just to the same criticisms as the L-00).
But these details can quickly adjust yourself or with a tour in the luthier.
Another point, it is not easy to find.