Audiophony CP-110
Audiophony CP-110

CP-110, Other Studio Effect from Audiophony.

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killerbilly 02/26/2005

Audiophony CP-110 : killerbilly's user review


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CP-110 is a home AudioPhony dynamics processor including a compressor, limiter, expander, enhancer, stereo.


The config is very simple. To say this is my first CPU rack and there is unfortunately no instructions supplied with ... damage .... but it is simple: one cable leaving the table to the entrance of the process and the proc output to the input of a PC for example ... facade can be set in the compressor and expander / gate per against the enhancer can not be resolved ... is that it is done alone on the other rack? I do not know in any case, the spatial image of my records are really better so I guess it just happens ...


I think the effects are there of good quality sound from my registry renewal is very different (for good!) With my simple mixer! that's really what I expected ... we hear a difference. The records I make are with electric guitar bass drums voice .. the compressor seems pretty good as well because it can compress a little background (Front adjustment of the threshold ratio attack release) and expander / gate with threshold and ratio that is all this in two channels XLR jack or in 6.35 input and output jack insert in 6.35 .. The animal produces no or very slight breath which is a plus, the whole is very robust (3.2kg) ..


The only thing a little unfortunate in the history is that there is no notice but given the simplicity can also go without even for a novice like me .... The sound is really good is the registry renewal which is the principal even when I got a 149 euro ds store sound so quality / price ratio very interesting choice I would do it again in a heartbeat. I hesitate with the same kind of model home Berhinger but I do not regret my choice! alor foncezzzzzzzzz feel free!