Skychord Electronics Sleepdrone 5
Skychord Electronics Sleepdrone 5

Sleepdrone 5, Other Synthesizer from Skychord Electronics.

Bob's Country Bunker 12/18/2013

Skychord Electronics Sleepdrone 5 : Bob's Country Bunker's user review

«  Cosmic Trip »

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100% analog synth drone typed

4 square wave oscillators that can modulate each other

Tilt each has its own output, there is also a general output that mixes 4

Each has two tilt controls, volume and frequency, and three switch: on / off, low / hi freq modulation on / off

There is a general control "master tweak" modulation control "grind limit" and a master volume.

All metal construction to the test of a new ice age

Classic 9v power supply.




Rich, fat, heavy, glossy


This synth is capable of very interesting textures dronesques without modulation and giving ear 4 oscilloscope beautiful metal well, rich and fat agreements obtained looks like another. With a bit of modulation it goes quickly into the noise, but noise not yucky, that sounds hot. The tilt prebind is interesting - not everyone has the same frequency range - as set to the lowest frequency it just sends pulses, and if one does modulate the other, that "sequence" sound ...
In short, a lot of opportunities to explore ... We put in a delay or a flanger with a spring reverb and there is cosmic trip.