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Boscomac reproduces the Viola Organista on Reaktor

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Boscomac Viola Organista
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It’s been a while since Boscomac released a freeware for Reaktor, but he’s back with quite an original instrument from the 15th Century.

Viola Organista reproduces an orignal instrument invented by Leonardo Da Vinci and which unique model is conserved at the Museum of Music Instruments in Brussels.

The Viola Organista (Boscomac used the original name) is one of the first bowed instrument with a keyboard: constantly rotating wheels action a rounded bow that touches the strings when the musicians presses the keys.

The instrument was not built by Da Vinci himself but we can find drawings in his Codex Atlanticus. The Viola Organista could have been built at the end of the 16th Century and reproductions were attempted in 2000s.

Boscomac’s virtual Viola Organista is based on the original model and offers detune, level and room controls, as well as a vibrato or crescendo switch. He adds that the string attack is proportional to the technique used: pianissimo for a smooth and slow attack and staccato for a fast one. Crescendo/vibrato can be controlled with the keyboard aftertouch.

Viola Organista requires Reaktor 5. It is available for free download from boscomac.free.fr.

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