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[NAMM] KissBox RTP-MIDI VST Editor VSTizer DSS1

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KissBox VSTizer DSS-1
News KissBox VSTizer DSS-1

KissBox will launch in february the VSTizer DSS-1, a complete Editor/Librarian for the famous Korg DSS-1 synthesizer.

The VSTizer DSS-1 allows complete parameter editing and full remote control over RTP-MIDI link. It also allows direct sample uploading/downloading from/to the synthesizer (the floppy disk drive is not needed anymore, even to start the DSS-1).
The VSTizer DSS-1 is available as a free bundle plugin to Kiss-Box Dual RTP-MIDI and VSTizer customers. A version compatible with legacy MIDI interfaces is also available. Note that it requires a VST host supporting System Exclusive transfer from plugins.

KissBox is also working on the conversion of the complete collection of original DSS-1 floppy disks into VSTizer bank format (more than 400 banks will be available). This collection will be available for free download to all VSTizer registered users.

Features :

  • VST2.4 plugin, available for Mac/Windows in 32 and 64 bits formats
  • Transform the DSS-1 into a virtual instrument with real-time control over RTP-MIDI
  • Librarian/Editor/VSTi in the same software package
  • Full RTP-MIDI operation (Floppy disk drive is not used anymore)
  • Standalone application available
  • Save any DSS-1 “SYSTEM” from floppy disk into VST bank
  • Plug&Play operation under RTP-MIDI mode

More info on www.kissbox.nl

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