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Chinee Series QIN Edition & Deal

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Kong Audio Chinee Series QIN Edition
News Kong Audio Chinee Series QIN Edition

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Kong Audio reveals the Chinee Series QIN Edition which now consists of 15 traditional Chinese instruments.


To coincide with the release of QIN Edition, a time-limited 20 USD deal is currently being held for ChineeGuZheng II.


QIN (means “instrument” in Chinese) Edition is an upgrade for the previously released Chinese Series instruments, powered by the Windows native QIN engine developed by Kong Audio.


QIN engine approaches sampler design with a layer of intermediary controls (called Extenders in QIN, there are 20 Extenders) designed to help sample developers as well as composers harness the advanced arrangement and manipulations of sample soundsets.


Chinee Series QIN Edition also introduces the new ChineeGuZheng II to replace the old ChineeGuZheng; some instruments have bonus content added; all instruments have the presets remade to utilize the features of QIN engine.


Including the recently released ChineeSanXian, currently the Chinee Series QIN Edition comprises of a total number of 15 Chinese ethnic instruments. One can get all 15 in a bundle called “Kongplete”, or one can choose smaller packages like “Essential China, ” which contains 6 instruments, or “Instant China, ” which contains 3 instruments too.

Chinee Series QIN Edition at a glance:

  • Equipped with Windows native 32-bit QIN engine.
  • Comes with new and updated sample content, as well as new presets for all instruments.
  • QIN Edition allows access and arrangement of the soundsets, as well as the advanced processing using the Extenders, to the user.
  • Chinee Series QIN Edition currently contains 15 Chinese classical instruments: ChineeWinds, ChineeKong V3, ChineeErhu, ChineeNanxiao, ChineeGuzheng II, ChineePipa, Matouqin, ChineeSuona, ChineeGuanzi, ChineeSheng, ChineeYangqin, ChineeHulusi, ChineeGuQin, ChineeLiuQin, ChineeSanXian.


The pricetags for the package offer (prior to discount):

  • Kongplete Big Bundle 952 USD
  • Essential China  396 USD
  • Instant China 216 USD


System requirements:

Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7. 1GB RAM. Pentium 4.3GHz CPU. 4GB hard drive space(for Kongplete installation.)


For more info and audio demo, visit www.chineekong.com.

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