MystSonic Ryan Cheng's Guzheng(STEEL)Collections
MystSonic Ryan Cheng's Guzheng(STEEL)Collections

Ryan Cheng's Guzheng(STEEL)Collections, Other Virtual Intrument from MystSonic.

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Ryan Cheng's Guzheng(STEEL)Collections

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MystSonic bring more authentic traditional Chinese instruments to both the Mac and PC, with the announcement of 'Ryan Cheng's Guzheng Collection'.

It was programmed using the power of Native Instruments Kontakt, without the need for separate plug-ins.

The 21 steel string piece is one of Mr. Cheng's favorite from the collection. Steel strings Guzhengs are very rare today which makes this instrument special, the company says.

Similar to high quality acoustic guitar models, steel strings need timber structure to harmonize with. The sound board part of this GuZheng is made from 30 years old natural Pawlownia Elongat wood and the bodysides are made from ancient red wood.

Features / details:
  • Over 2.3 GB Library includes 3 Patch Sets with different style of samples.
  • GuZheng 21 Steel Strings - Pick style with Harmonic
  • GuZheng 21 Steel Strings - Thumb style with Harmonic
  • GuZheng 21 Steel Strings - Thumb+Pick style with Harmonic(Thumb as left hand and pick as
right  hand).
  • Advance Logical Round Robin Control.
(There are A,B,C,D four samples take locations per string, each midi note are random play
automatically in two cations such as [A+B], and by switching keymap function, you may
change random play location to [C+D] ).
  • Logical Virtual Pitch Bending System - Simulate different kind of string bending technics.
  • Use assignable Vibrato key to trigger pitch vibrate.
  • Use Pitchbend as individual note pitch change. (Only trigger the note that being played after
movement of the pitchbend)
  • Use assignable controller to change pitch manually.(Mod wheel as preset, it acts just like
the original pitchbend function does)
  • Intelligent Dual Tremolo Key System - Trigger key is no more just use for trigger only, now it can
be use as a tremolo note too, it will lock the last note that just played.
  • Multi part sample takes recording include sound hole samples, L&R samples, Dual pick
directions samples.(Nut samples as A part and Bridge samples as D part, the B part location
is on the middleleft side of the string which is closer to the nut part, and the C part is on the
middle right side which is closer to the bridge part).
  • Convenient Controls Learning Definition System - The trigger keys and controller is fully
assignable to any note or any controller by using learning item tab or select item tab.
  • 24bits 48Khz sample resolution, ver 2.2.1 is available.

Pricing & Availability
Ryan Cheng's Guzheng(STEEL)Collections is available now for €67
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