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Sugar Bytes Consequence - The Chord Synq

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Sugar Bytes Consequence - The Chord Synquencer
News Sugar Bytes Consequence - The Chord Synquencer

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Sugar Bytes has announced Consequence - The Chord Synquencer, a "chord groovebox".

Chords are alternated, split up to custom arpeggios and turned into leg-driving basslines, amazing melodies or dreamy sound textures. The internal audio recorder keeps your ideas when they come or records loops or even full tracks. The all-round sound library contains many kinds of instruments, from thick basslines to gentle “violines”.

ConsequenceConsequence is a composition tool which can create chord-lines or whole songs on the fly, but also chords which are played via MIDI can be super-sized using the innovative sound and sequencing engine.

Main features:

    * 3 sample-based oscillators with independent envelopes and gate selection for overlaying chords with arpeggios.
    * 32-step sequencers for chord selection, gate, performance (arp, tie, multi-trigger, octave, glide) and modulation.
    * New sound design features like polyphonic frequency-dependent sample rate reduction and oscillator aging.
    * Included kick 4/4 kick drum for easy groove orientation.
    * Multi-effect with 5 effects (reverse, chorus, phaser, delay, reverb).
    * Master compressor (can be driven by 4/4 kick via sidechain).
    * Monophonic and polyphonic 5-mode filter (lp, bp, hp, br, comp) with independent gate selection.
    * Pattern change via MIDI note.
    * MIDI input for sequencing chords in realtime.
    * Easy chord creation via chordmaker, chord-recording and manual chord drawing.
    * Audio recorder for session recording or for creating loops.
    * 100 first class sounds available.
    * Split preset system can combine sound-, sequence- and chord-presets.

Pricing & Availability

Consequence will be released in November 2008. It will be available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU plug-in formats with a price of €149 / $199.
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