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Sugar Bytes Eloquence - MIDI Step Sequencer

Sugar Bytes has announced the release of Eloquence, its new MIDI Step Sequencer plug-in.

Eloquence is designed to offer a feature-set that makes it possible to drive your MIDI compatible gear in completely new ways, according to Sugar Bytes.

Here’s what they had to say:

“You can use Eloquence on stage or in the studio to ”create breathtaking harmonies, chords and basslines" and enjoy real-time mangling functions to tweak patterns just with your keyboard. Enter new ways to create chords, pitch-bends or rolls with the performance sequencer section. Connect your favorite sound generators squeeze the best out of them, easily."

Sequencer Tracks
  • Pitch: The pitch sequencer works in relation to the root key and transposes it by +/- 12 semitones. In scale mode, the sequencer-entries work in-scale, that might exceed the octave range of the sequencer by quite a few octaves. In addition, the pitch sequencer has a flexible recording function.
  • Lock: Lock is part of the pitch sequencer. An active step deactivates the MIDI transposing. This is useful for keeping important notes and chords in key while transposing the sequence.
  • Gate: The Gate Sequencer creates notes and determines their velocity.
  • Mute: The Mute Sequencer is part of the Gate Sequencer and mutes the selected step.
  • Gate Time: The Gate Time Sequencer determines how long a note is held. Notes can be held up to four times the duration of a step.
  • Octave: This sequencer moves the pitch the pitch by +/- 2 octaves.
  • Pitchbend: Here you can select from 12 pitch bend figures to be engaged.
  • Chord: A Chord is generated using the current note in the pitch sequencer as the root note. Six Variations and four wrap-arounds for major and minor plus six special chords like diminished and augmented are available.
  • Break: This sequencer lets you set a multi-trigger at 2, 3, or 4 times the normal sequencer speed, playing the current scale up or downwards or just repeating the current note. 18 breaks are available.
  • Random: Each sequencer step can be replaced by a random value. Minor and major chords can be individually randomized to maintain the harmonic structure.

Action Section
  • Gate Time: The Gate Time can be increased or decreased, depending on how long you press the button.
  • Velo Gate: The note will only play if it is above the selected velocity threshold.
  • Looper: The selected part of the sequence will be looped.
  • Slowdown: The sequence slows down until it comes to a dead stop.
  • Retrigger: Re-trigger the sequence by re-trigger-pressing the button; upon release, the sequencer continues at its normal position.
  • Halftime: The sequence will play at half speed.
  • Octave Up: The sequence will play one octave higher as long as you press the button.
  • Mute: Mutes all data output.

  • Internal synthesizer to create patterns on the fly.
  • Special workaround for sending MIDI with the AU plug-in.
  • Instant keyboard control for Transpose, Pattern Select, Action Section.
  • Pattern Sequencer.
  • Sample-accurate timing.
  • Individual trigger and sync options, swing function.

Pricing & Availability
Priced at €99 / $129, Eloquence is available for Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST plug-in formats.
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