Line 6 Micro Spider
Line 6 Micro Spider

Micro Spider, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider series.

SlapKid 12/23/2008

Line 6 Micro Spider : SlapKid's user review


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Updated 6 months after. I quickly toasted the warranty but it was worth it: I made a remote control! Easy but not two left hands or jackhammer instead huh. So I have 5 sounds pédipulables (...) no down time to change, class, super convenient. So that I use it differently, mostly as a master receiver (I drive the power section of my hp-tube amp VS30 Fame, right in the back loop), and the result is frankly good (although better than a pod, go figure). microspider This is the best deal I ever made, an unrivaled versatility.
A month since I played with, zero light but full of leds (requires budget!). 3-band EQ, and finally one who understood, and 5 channels storable (ultra-convenient). In addition there is an adjustable delay, that Roland do not know even with the cube60 ...
Boost and noise gate and more, it's a beautiful Christmas tree huh.
Microphone input, not tested, and stereo mini jack that needs a strong signal for us to hear sth.
Chromatic tuner, accurate and convenient, headphone jack, which gives my faith a lot with a headphone worthy of the name (AKG K240studio, more expensive than the amp by the way ...) but in mono.
Slogan, ultra-convenient, ultra complete. Compact, as Vox DA5, and can be set open-back for better sound.


This is an amp to work, travel, vacation. He vowed not to offend anyone, not too serious and few acute naggers is always popular with potential who are still legion ...
Sounds easy to have adapted to typical situations, and the acoustic model is really good. In any case with a passive piezo (bridge tune-o-matic schaller for acoustic sounds with sg ...) while lean faiblichon afternoon, the metamorphosis!
Manuel any good, short.


Well, it's all well and good but how it sounds? Fort necessary, power supply 2000 milliamps (compared with 185 of 800 Microcube and the Vox ...) but very slowly, much more than my late Microcube assayable. For two volumes available (channel and master).
Zero background noise, but the other 2 good either.
This micro spider likes to be played loud, the HP develops grain so lacking otherwise. The clean and acoustic sounds are differentiated, and good performance, all you need to work without regret.
The crunch sound is great, but watch out for used pickups, low impedance requirement (one single coil or parallel) if lack of clarity and grain.
The metal sound is compressed, some grain and treble, but goes for wild rhythm. This is usually all that is asked of him ...
The sound is insane midrange and less compressed, I use to solo with delay.

As I use it also for my piezo (passive or electro-acoustic guitar yamaha aex1500), preset sound, I'm still disappointed by the ugliness of the reverb all the way into this one application, that of the vox is really eighteen notches above. Bah, we can not have everything ...

As announced, all you need to work in good conditions, with a versatile guitar that's even better of course (I think of the awesome ibanez wiring with 2 doubles and 5 positions, check out the site and the RG 321) .

There is a big difference when playing Grain strong enough, it becomes very friendly (except for pests that make their tireless work ...). With the Vox and Microcube is not the same, it is rather the opposite.

10 I put in the light of the product, and price.


I had a Microcube, and I can not but then not at all be the same view as previous testers. The cube at the same price does not hold a candle, the spider right knee.
I have a Vox DA5 and here we can discuss. It sounds much more dynamic and fresh as the spider, but very medium-box. Its effects are much better too, but without memories is hell to live there all the 11 models in Aie Aie Aie.

The microspider is more neutral, flatter too, but sounds much better in mediums not n'aggressent ear. Strong and even better, no changes to make.

I tested the whole world to see true 12pouces box, and the Vox is far ahead. The cube is not too bad, very dark-digital-control. Spider and the downright pathetic, no sharp definition zero, the absolute horror and that's normal: it requires a broadband HP saw its simulations of guitar speakers are always actives.a

Last, the headphones: it's not a pocket pod, but not far away, nothing to her compared to normal, and the effects are nice. I was surprised to have fun playing with headphones, it's benef '.
In short, the ideal amp for the holidays: powerful, versatile, no adjustment interminable, and fun at night with headphones.
What you ask for? All tube, its hell, 2lbs, stereo, midi internet, all for 50 euros. Of course, of course ...
For editing, I stand at your disposal in case ...