Roland Cube-15X
Roland Cube-15X
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remotmb 10/12/2011

Roland Cube-15X : remotmb's user review

«  A good little amp »

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15W Transistor
2 channels (Clean / saturated), a 3-band EQ.
The Distortion channel has 4 preset sounds: Overdrive, Distortion, Metal, Metal Stack.


Very simple configuration, the four predetermined distorted sounds can be adjusted with 3-band equalizer, which is his job properly.
For a small amp in this range, Roland does not care of the mouth of the world.
15 W is not very powerful, but I happened to play on as a group, when I started, if everyone does not outbid in the noise, hear me.


I do not use that channel "Clear", and my distos effects come from a Boss ME50 multi-effects. I found a small integrated effects loop (chorus, delay, reverb ...) is missing, because the purpose of this little amp is working, it lacks some sonic palette. As against the clear sound quality is good and stomp on it is grafted returned!
I do not remember too much distos, I have tried them last time but I have not found tip-top.
The 3-band EQ is pretty good compared to other amps of the same range. Besides the sound that comes out of this amp is much higher than that of many other small amps the same price.


I use it for almost 7 years. I never had any problems with. I put it on a medium to give a little height to the sound, it's going very well. I play with an Ibanez RG 1570 prestige, well when I play alone I use this amp!
I have a very good overall opinion for this amp for the price I honestly do not think that the competition does better. Forget the small Marshall MG who do not care about the world, the Cube 15 is a quality / price unbeatable.