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mattdll 09/24/2005

Vox AD15VT : mattdll's user review


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Hello everyone, I can take you a while prcieux of your time to the little Vox AD15VT Submitted. It's simple, it is part of the line of BCAN numriques brand. 11 simulated amp (Fender clean sound of the distortion Mesa / Boogie's all there, even though fat distortion of the English) and 11 "effects", I say a car in the 11 "effects" there are combinations of two effects, allowing useful but just not to say that there are fewer actual effects ral ... Anyway, everything is an extra lamp for the whole Global Warming and simulate a light amplification. A guitar input, a headphone output for the neighbors and a footswitch jack (not included are Submitted for your enjoyment.


It is easy to use, the manual is clear trs, there are brands rapidemment edition and poses no problem. We obtain the desired sound rapidemment but you have all the same to be careful because the record edition takes into account the setting of gain and volume, equalization is common to all simulation what rvle trsgnant quickly because a large distortion for a solo does not require the same equalization that a clear sound jazzy ... So big problem at this level l.


All the sounds are good, you always have a certain prdominance but objectively I think there's this little MRIT bte, especially when the effects branch, a good sense amp Polivalente par excellence, one can play the tapping Satriani (Midnight) or big fat riffs of Van Halen or Metallica do without the small bronchus. the different simulations can be any type of sound and it has that is good.


Apart from the trs good quality of the goods and the price still reasonable for all these sounds, I would note when even a few rants: first the legalization common to all simulations, really horrible to find an equa-fits-all, then the effects that are common to all channels (on a clear and on a lead) and finally, the largest of abbrations Mr Vox, the footswitch, which is tle pieces of a vulgar with two buttons on / off and does not come with the amp. I must say that the tip COST 35euros, something to think about all the same! REALLY is the abuse of power when you know how useful this little pice!