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skaloth 08/26/2005

Vox AD50VT : skaloth's user review


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Transistor amplifier with preamp lamp.
50Watts power adjustable.
Port guitar footswich, headset and speakerphone.
It possde 11modlisation amps and 11 effects, including some couples.
1 rglage for gain, volume and equalizer a classic treble, middle, bass and master.


The configuration allows a number of rglages more or less easy to use but any person used to the amplifiers of this type will not have difficulties reaching their end.
I for one, had a little trouble finding the "sound" I DSIR but I think I can still be better.
malheureseument no manual to facilitate utlisation but do lose a few minutes the user.


For sound I think I'm looking to be on track given the quality of modlisation of this amp.
I am playing rock, hard, heavy, and punk and some sounds are well trs to address my style but I do agree saturations qua Moitiers.
Overall clean sound that I rgler trs well for me and one of rglage with one of my distortion pedals makes me sound pretty good.
The diffrent modlisations his asser different then agree a rather large audience.
I have yet to test everything not believe DEFINITIONS ...
modif of 26/08/05.:
The sound is present j'obtient Excellent (not like three times to correct my dreams but it is worth.)
a lack in the middle but buying a small equalizer reglerat the problem.
J'obtient trs metal sound (prt of the mesa) and precise, but it took me almost a month of testing to get l.
I am not at all deu m'tait but if I do not buy my beautiful esp viper (1700euros) I had a mesa (but good in 3 / 4 years old can be).
Obviously I can not put 10 because it's a modeling amp but the purchase does not regret trying conditions have a material identical to hers (because its really important level!)


I've had a hard days and I got it for 369euros.
I'm quite satisfied because a line j'hsiter spider2 6 2 * 75watts APRS and testing it and then that of the vox, the difference to my ears blow! The line 6 was winded and lower quality sound (especially with a sound similar to my ubber metal!) compared to the vox so APRS 2min games I buy without hsitation.
I had one before Marchall mg15dfx, trs good terms I find him a good sound but for the price it is quite another thing, I do not regret.
I preferred the quality of power, but some will reverse regret it later