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Vox Mini5 Rhythm
Vox Mini5 Rhythm

Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Vox belonging to the Mini series.

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26jerome75 26jerome75

«  Frankly not good »

Publié le 05/06/14 à 14:16
The amp delivers 5W reduced to 1W. Admittedly, it still kicks ass. It can grow without it vibrates everywhere. The finish is adequate at best. Vox has kept the facade and the control panel, but the tailgate for batteries is indigent. She stands with Velcro fastened with staples and housing for the batteries is glued or screwed to the same box, you can even see the son of the enclosure. It is very inconvenient to open and I doubt that it takes a very long time without repair. Battery life is good.


Operation is extremely simple, it works as a basic amp. For cons, I found that the buttons for the reverb and delay were not very progressive. We spent a bit of everything for nothing. The reverbs are also great.


It is now the black spot of this amp ... the sound. It's horrible. The clean is flat, featureless, nothing to do. Distos sound very quickly "grainy" in the bad sense. Ie it drool all over with a curious hole in the midrange. Impossible to compensate for the settings. The worst is yet when you push the gain or we choose the most advanced models. Moreover, speaking of modeling, there are many, only the most apps may sound a bit, the rest ...
Now it should also be noted that all distos are very sluggish. It is well aware of this when playing on playback, difficult to be heard. Vox Valvetronix technology available across its supposedly so great. Ben duffer must be inflated. I especially feel that the box has dropped a few pepettes to develop a rather average stuff and they disclaim all sauces to monetize (VT40 and other pedals etc).


I had a Roland Minicube, old, dating from 2003. Vox sometimes sounds a hair better, has much more saturation, but in the end does nothing more and is in no way more dynamic than the Roland ... with 10 technological advanced yet. I also have a Zoom G3 pedal to light years in terms of rendering. I kept the thing a month and I sold it.
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