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chiof 03/31/2005

Vox AD60VT : chiof's user review


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Hybrid transistor amplification amplification / pramplification a lamp.
It is 60 watts.
It possde 2 inputs (high and low gain), headphone output (cutting the speaker) output line-out (do not cut the speaker) with volume spar (for headphones and line- out), an external speaker 8 ohm output (I tried with the 1922 and ca Mashall does it well), an input / output loop to put an end loop, a plug for the pdalier Control (VC4).
Find all posts previous ones for all effects. In rsum inquitude not there all you need.


The config is super simple and efficient trs. Little more than the amp is the possibility of the vrifier rglages postriori pRSET each with a small light (unlike line 6 o we do not know Never has rglages :-( It sucks)
We obtain immediately the sound DSIR. In addition to the manual is perfect.


The style is just made my gots. What is complicated because the base of the variation on I, rock and metal. So if an amp provides in these areas is a good sign! I played with an Ibanez 7-string and find all the sounds I want, even trs clear and funk.
The sound, ah talking about. I will say plutt SOUND. C a killer, too good! I knew marshall and line 6 but I am the tomb. Crystalline and powerful, a small Bon Reserved gets off if you sound "metal box" and other sounds mega saturated but anyway I suggest you take a more crunchy sound lgrement for metal and you blow up everything, I promise.
In short, everything sounds, c unbelievable.
As against power level, if your little Reserved scratch the only face one batter in a "dchire it all." But even when powerful trs (slightly less powerful than a 100 watt Marshall but hey it was announced 60 watts so ...)


I've had a week but I dcortiqu so I could test everything.
I find it daunting used with pdalier VC4 (not included with and not given but ...)
I did not find rel default except that it does not have the ultra-distal-black-metal, but it is a small dtail. More can be the fact that we can Cumulative performance with the wah wah some effects such as compression or other. but the again, it would be quibbling.
In conclusion, I sold my amp and effects line6 boss and for this amp and I do not regret it at all. The ratio quality price is good when even despite this history of pdalier.
And even when playing the beatles, the brian adams or queen with the same sound as the original (yes, yes ..) is not standard dj?