Yamaha THR10X
Yamaha THR10X

THR10X, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Yamaha in the THR series.

ricoxufr 05/11/2013

Yamaha THR10X : ricoxufr's user review

«  A Bomb room! »

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Transistor 2X5 3 stereo Hi-gain guitar amp clean 1 + 1 + 1 low flat (Poweramp) Delay chorus flanger reverb, compressor ....
USB port, Headphone


super simple to use clear manual, you can go from clean to the darker metal easily.
or even make "jazzy" sound ... well ... in my ear and especially thanks to my Vigier ...


saturated the top are full of dynamics can have a large saturation as a good crunch see even very good clean with 3 amp hi-gain ... I did not even explore the amps clean flat and bass ...
the editor pc (mac) is very effective to refine all the parameters and the possibility to change the automatically assigned to amp speakers ..
It is pedal friendly I put it my Morley bad horsie and my booster Zoom without problem ...
Very little breath without the noise gate engaged (it is set automatically so you have to cut thanks to the editor)


I've had 15 days, I try the cube, the vox before .... no comparison although the Demolition cube ..

_ The least is that there is no footswitch to toggle between five settings memorized.
- No effects loop!

Value price / top ... More ... we just bring it to the beach with batteries .... ;)