Zoom Fire-30
Zoom Fire-30

Fire-30, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Zoom in the Fire series.

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Mourlonben 12/17/2004

Zoom Fire-30 : Mourlonben's user review


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Transistor amplifier
Output Power: 36W RMS
Speaker 25cm, 5ohm
Inputs: Guitar & AUX IN
Released: Recording / Headphones
Saturation: 22types (several simulations of vintage amps and modern, like Marshall, Fender ...)
Programs covered: 19 types (4 10modulations delay / reverb + boost + Sustain + bottom + edge + ZNR (noise rduction trs effective!))
Modules covered: 7modules (modulation + delay / reverb + boost + Sustain + bottom + edge + ZNR)
Patches (config programs): 2banques of 10 20presets therefore, 1banque of 10patchs user (rinscriptible with mmorisation)
Frpuence of chantillonage: 31.25KHz
taking orders for Footswitch
del display 2caracteres 7segments
Dimensions: 785mm (L) X240mm (P) X410mm (H)
Weight: 12kg
Included accessories: power cord
The amp is also equipped with a tuner trs trs trs simple utilistation and effective!
So it's a great amp complete, the finishes are impeccable, and what it spits! It could not be easier to use! In short perfect for me. The effects are gniaux, some traditional, others more unusual ... even spciaux!


The manual is clear trs trs, you understand quickly how to use the receiver effectively, potos are fluid and trs prcis, the tuner trs trs useful and effective ... a must really! The amp is the easiest to use I've seen up Submitted!
Is obtained in a short time the sound you are looking!


It's perfect indeed play the blues well saturated but also works! The clean and acoustic sounds are trs prcis!
I use it with an Ibanez S470, and the fact!
Power Level: 36W it is there in the box, so trs trs powerful! And if you're afraid of rveiller the neighborhood, there is a button to reduce the power, making in fact the volume poto gnral prcis trs, ideal when ds is her room!
As I said dj, this amp is for games and other distortion drives!


I use it for less than a month, but I had time dj to see what was in the belly! It's not the bomb this amp, it's worse! Super easy to use, great power, great precision, a must see! Some may parraitre srieusement too strange to play but they have at least MRIT to be unique! (Ngatif one point I found yet!)