Line 6 Vetta HD
Line 6 Vetta HD
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GuillaumeF 01/20/2003

Line 6 Vetta HD : GuillaumeF's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
In summary:
- Amplification 200W transistor (it's really an understatement!) Which is actually a dual 100W (AC so moved that I have yet to exceed 15% of the volume without risking deafness!)
- A guitar input jack 6.35,
- Several simulation output mic / line ... but no headphone!
- Multi-effects processor (in fact it is the same as the PODxt) further comprising an amplifier simulator (very realistic) and a variety of high quality effects (no kidding ...).

See more details about

- The power and quality of simulators,
- The digital effects, including reverbs monstrous
- The direct mic outputs (the resumption of distorted sounds on PC via table mix is ​​pretty amazing!)

- No headphone (hello neighbors)
- No PC connection as the PODxt,
- It's almost too powerful ...

Hence the 9 / 10 well deserved!


Setup is super simple - even me when I arrived ...
The 16 banks of four pre-defined sounds produce sounds very convaincquants just copy it in the bank use and modify at will. Honestly most of the factory sounds are used as Such - except one or two banks enough spaces.
The manual - also available on the line6 site - is very clear and short. In fact I did read that after work on the monster for a few weeks - that's how the ease of use.


I play a bit of everything - the hard, rock, pop, funk. And this amp covers my needs well. I have a Prestige Ibanez RS3120 and a Fender Strato US Standard. The Fender sounds a little weak, but it was also the case on my previous Marshall Valvestate 100 (it should be upgraded with the humbucker). The Ibanez sounds super pro, however - and this is not the only guitar I think.
The distorted sounds of trash can cover the most powerful in the most crunch blues - ca depend mostly on the guitar.
The clean sounds are pretty awesome too: the amp simulator works great.

In short it is absolutely the top.


I use the beast for 3 months. I hesitated with the Vetto Combo (100W), much cheaper but has the same mechanics. The HD with much more power - for those who have tried the combo it must be heard to be believed - I opted for the latter. I play with a Line 6 Cab 4 * 12 (412S-T 300W) that I produced an incredible bass response.
I tried the multi rocktron effect, but I found it too synthetic. In addition I would have had to pay me a stereo power amp as well, which would cost the same. I chose the Vetta HD and I do not really regret it. The price is high, I still paid the € 3400 for the HD, the cab and pedal but the investment is well worth it (the wallet).