Line 6 Vetta HD
Line 6 Vetta HD
heads on fire 10/31/2011

Line 6 Vetta HD : heads on fire's user review

« I can't believe these sell for so cheap now. »

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This is regarding the Vetta HD -

200 Watts Stereo (very conservatively rated)

Full power into 4, 8, or 16 ohms

40 lbs. (18kg)

29"W x 10"H x 9"D (74cm x 25cm x 23cm)

Wet/Dry Cabinet Support

Direct XLR outputs

Programmable stereo effects loop

Flash upgradable software

80 or so amp models

Hundreds of effects


This amp is soooooooo deep, it's not even funny. It can be made to sound like nearly any guitar-type sound one can think of. Long effects chains with 4 different delays, or quirky synthesizery 70s music, or just good ol' hard rock solos - this amp can do it all. The manual is very clear at explaining all the functionality of the amp, and while the amp is very easy to figure out (not a terribly steep learning curve), I'd still recommend downloading the manual from Line 6's website if you don't get one with your purchase. If you don't have a Floorboard pedal for the amp, this is a requirement for full enjoyment of the Vetta. There are so many fun things to do with this amp!


This excels in both quantity and quality. There are 80 amp models to be used, and all of them are great sounding for the style. Metal tones sound great for metal, jazz for jazz, etc. There's not a stinker in the whole bunch. The effects are out of this world as well! I liked to make long delay chains and create ambient textures ala Robert Fripp.


This amp is great, especially for the price they can be acquired for now. It weighs a lot for what it is, and some of them have strange durability issues - a friend of mine had a Vetta that would randomly change volume a bit during use, but mine never did that. Cosmetically, this thing looks very stupid - I did some cosmetic mods so it wouldn't look so cartoony and cheesy. But it still is neat to look over and see all the lights blinking as if one was controlling a spaceship! Overall, this is a good buy, but test thoroughly before purchase to ensure not getting a stinker with volume issues.