Fishman Aura Spectrum DI
Fishman Aura Spectrum DI

Aura Spectrum DI, Modelling Guitar Preamp from Fishman.

CT-64140 04/29/2014

Fishman Aura Spectrum DI : CT-64140's user review

«  Ideal for stage »

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This device combines four functions:

- Case of DI preamp settings including volume, bass, middle, treble and a compression ratio.
- Numerical simulations of different types of acoustic guitars from the parlor to the kind jumbos and various types of nylon guitar and resonator guitar. Parmet a cursor to select the type of guitar to simulate (dreadnough, orchestra, jumbo, etc ...) and a large dial to select the different type of guitar simulations (note that these simulations combine models given guitar with catches her with different specific combinations of microphones). Potentiometer mix called "blend" can mix the "dry" signal (gross micro instrument) and the "wet" signal (simulation); this mix can go 100% signal "dry" 100% "wet" signal gradually. Optionally allows software image management - I have not tested: with images that are available in "hardware" to turn on the unit, there is already plenty to do!
- Anti-feedback (not tested)
- Tuner (reliable)

I guess that includes two electronic sections: 1 analog (preamp), 1 digital (simulations)

- Input: jack
- Output: jack or XLR
- Loop: jack


Ultra simple setup!

The manual is hardly necessary, except for some functions related to Antilarsen, parameterization tuner and various small device initialisation details (eg allocation of equalization dry signal only or signals dry + wet). For these points, the manual is very clear - I seem to remember that it is still in English.

Do you get a good sound? Hahahahahaha! I laugh! Tons of good sound gets! and I guarantee that you could spend hours looking treat yourself (and shaping) full of different sounds that you will pack!


- The diversity of simulated images and
- The infinity of possible combinations with mixing signal between "wet" and "dry", given as
- The potential of most electro-acoustic guitars "treat" the signal on the guitar itself

I think I can say that Fishman should be able to meet all musical needs within the acoustic guitar. A small reserve, however: the purists who are "anti electroacoustic" and absolutely want an acoustic guitar captured with a microphone pro 2000 € in a room with perfect acoustics with a sampling frequency of 900,000 GHz 6000000 bits find not their happiness.

I play with Hanika Basis Cut, with an Epiphone EL-00 Pro with Admira. A treat to play electro. It sometimes happens to me to plug my Telecaster or my Gibson L4 and draw unusual sounds and fun!


I use it for 4 months. Before purchase, excellent advice and demos enticing views on the net had not pushed me to try other models.

This device is a marvel for the stage: a good preamp-DI (no noticeable breath) and especially for those like me who do not like too sound a bit "plastic" electro-acoustic amplified thanks to digital images you get in PA (or in electroacoustic amp) good sound good acoustic guitar captured with a good mic! In a mix, it's stunning! Purists will say: "a somewhat artificial side with digital images." Maybe! But in scene conditions, among other musicians, with the vagaries of room acoustics, the quality of the entire chain of sound, I put anyone with a normal ear to tell the difference between your electroacoustic and a good acoustic guitar that was captured by a super micro under the supervision of a great sound engineer!

I remain cautious, however, in my statements: Notice to Jejethefenek proves that other opinions may exist ... Oddly enough, unlike the latter, I prefer to use as part of a group rather than solo . Like what! Try and judge ...!

Value for money? I do not know. This is, I think, the stuff that seems super-strong. It is beautiful and it sends my taste very good sound! What does it say? ;-)