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Acoustic Geometry - Curve System

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Acoustic Geometry Curve System
News Acoustic Geometry Curve System

Material For Modular Sound Isolation from Acoustic Geometry

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The Curve System is a new line of Diffusors, Absorbers, and Corner Traps designed to simplify the creation of natural-sounding professionally-accurate acoustic spaces.

The core of the Curve System is the Diffusor, an improved version of the classic polycylindrical designs used in recording, broadcast, and film studios since the 1930's. The Curve Diffusor also acts as a diaphragmatic mid-bass absorber and includes a built-in mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) membrane low-bass trap. It is designed to solve the two biggest acoustical issues: diffusing mid to high frequencies and controlling low frequencies.

Three stock Diffusor widths integrate with two matching models, the Curve Absorber (mid to high frequency absorption) and the Curve Corner Trap (a Curve Diffusor with an additional corner bass trap). The right combination and placement of Curve System components are designed to optimize your acoustic spaces.

Visit www.acousticgeometry.com for more.
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