Samson Technologies C-control

C-control, Monitor Controller from Samson Technologies in the C Class series.

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Rainqlm 04/27/2005

Samson Technologies C-control : Rainqlm's user review


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Matrix control studio between hand 2tk A, B 2tk, 2tk C, output monitors A, B, C (3 pairs), 2tk outputs A, B 2tk, 2tk C, exit cue to attack a headphone amplifier, switch for talkback, headphone jack in front ......
frankly, there's everything you need for a half-rack format, the only thing regrettable is the requirement to have a headphone amplifier or other, as the talkback does not pass through the headphone jack Intgr e .....

The manual is practically superfluous, troisime pair of monitor output is Specializes to a sub, that is, it is still active when you select the pair A or pair B ..... . dernires these switches automatically to each other when we select the A, and there's a volume for the B indpendant to cart bearing the volume of costs between passive or active.
practice for the talkback switch, which can send the cue or the 2TK ..... nice, the sound diminishes when it starts the talkback ...
handy, too, the buttons Sun, Mute and Mono, which are so aptly named ....
door and everything is clear, the rear connectors are large for a half rack, and therefore think, for the costs of symtrique active and between the hands of RCA output and between sub 2tkC for example a CD ...... There's almost no need for adapter connectors for most existing home studio dj!

Hard to say, I've had one week, but I have not heard anything bad, looks right and transparent, that's all you asked!
Intgr talkback microphone is not in any Premire quality, but it's not the most Gnant .......

I just bought the 50 C-control! A model for expo! Obviously the price for that silence there is also THE FIRST thing I thought by buying it, "I risk anything," but to use force, I flat out this little trick, suddenly I find The models mackie home or presonus relatively expensive ......
trs complete, well thought out for its size, must dbrouiller to find a good location, not far from the keyboard / mouse, because it is not big and once any cable, there's more Cables that box!!
I just wish that the talkback does not pass in its own headphone jack, a headphone amplifier requires a shame about the small configuration .......