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SuperTrash_audiojunkie 04/02/2004

Alesis RA-150 : SuperTrash_audiojunkie's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I filed the notice to contradict the "Group MACH 3" and their sale catalog who say that this amp must be purchased for occasional use ....
My amp (coupled with the MK2 passive speakers) runs at least four hours per day and normal (adjustable volume buttons noon). In addition, t last I recorded with friends in a pice non air-conditioned, open the window as little as there was decision-making voice. He turned over 10 hours a day and never overheated. I make him see all the colors for more than two and a half years and it still did not.
In addition, it possde an excellent quality price. It DGIG-MK2-coupled to a sound that suits me is: there is "hot" and suddenly fits well trs jazz music, but it is also efficient in trs brightness (classical music). I took these two extremes in music (jazz and classical), knowing that I use it mostly on the music of "MIDI" rap and electro.
I strongly advise pregnant with my cit before, the whole nine did not Exceeds 500 euros if we dbrouille bien.Je have only one regret, the connector (RCA or JACK June 35)
A good reader, hello!