Behringer Reference Amplifier A500
Behringer Reference Amplifier A500

Reference Amplifier A500, Monitor/Speaker Amplifier from Behringer.

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paggil 12/17/2011

Behringer Reference Amplifier A500 : paggil's user review

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Bought there 7 or 8 is used in ans.Je Hifi salon.
The advantage as his power, price, and lack of fan that makes it a RVer for use in living room.
I Mount in power amplifier (of course) a pr derrire Hifi amp for use Hifi and Home Cinma music with speakers Focal Cobalt.
Is your exact l. .. Power dynamics and purity. Impressive is quite what I wanted. In addition all prices compared COMPTITE Hifi amp has a high-end home ROTEL. Beringher at about 300.00 and as much as 1000.00 in ROTEL. These amplifier, like the small speakers THRUTH B2030 or 2031 a system that can couraging Home cinma TRS has good quality "lesser" cot that surprise many. I took it all in a high-end Hi-Fi dealer to compare in situ and the dealer does "blown your exact. ... A consultant for the moment no problem Apart from a small purr has the start APRS appeared two years.