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moosers 10/01/2009

Crown D150A : moosers's user review


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The Crown D150A is a stereo solid state power amplifier.  I have used it for powering passive studio monitors in the recording studio.  Each channel delivers 75 watts of power, and like the name states, the whole unit gives 150 watts.  It is quite basic in make up as it simply has two volume knobs on the front for each channel and has connections in the back.  It has 1/4 inch connections and that is pretty much all that it has in terms of connections.  It is a rack mountable piece of gear and will take up three rack spaces.  As far as getting the job done, this amplifier will definitely power anything up to 150 watts that you would want to use it with, whether it be a guitar amp or a set of studio monitors.  I would say that it is definitely best suited for use with speakers rather than a guitar amp, but it will work either way if you need it to.  The unit is built well and is decently heavy, so it isn't anything that you would want to be moving around too often.  Since it gives off a lot of power, it has a radiator system to keep it cool and for this reason it is heavy.  The Crown D150A also has LED lights to show if your levels are clipping and has an on/off button with another LED as well.  The price of the Crown D150A is usually reasonable, but will vary as you can only find these used since they are no longer being made.  If you can find one of these it isn't something that you need to jump on, but will definitely get the job done well if you are looking for a reliable power amplifier that can get up to 150 watts.