Dynacord A1000
Dynacord A1000

A1000, Mono-Channel Power Amp from Dynacord.

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cheptel_ignare 10/10/2006

Dynacord A1000 : cheptel_ignare's user review


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&nbsp;I bought this amp on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.ebay.de/" target="_blank">eBay</a><span style="position: absolute; "></span><span style="position: absolute; "></span>, 300.

It is powerful (dual push-pull of EL34, 150W RMS, 220 peak) - heavy (22kg) - heavy manufactured transformers (mains power supply and output transformer) - the power supply is oversized, &nbsp;- good manufaturer's quality (made in Germany).

The only snag five condos chemical had not aged pramp the part, I just change them and the bass power was back. And what bass!

&nbsp;conclusion: it's all good!<div>
</div><div>Additional comment written by me (the translator) - (not included in the original text):</div><div>When using such old tube amps always be aware of the fact that the mains voltage may be somewhat higher today - e.g. in Germany 230V - in the 1970 (when the amp was developed) it was 220V. The tubes were operated at the limit already and may be destroyed by the higher voltage!</div><div>However, the mains voltage selector may be set to 240V - this may entail a little loss of power but will provide additional safety.</div><div>