Mogami Gold Instrument Cable
Mogami Gold Instrument Cable

Gold Instrument Cable, Mono/Stereo Cable from Mogami.

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tonmazz 08/08/2012

Mogami Gold Instrument Cable : tonmazz's user review

« Mogami Gold Instrument Cable - You get what you pay for »

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The big question, does a $54 cable sound different than a $15 cable? The unexpected answer is hell yeah! I never in a million years expected to hear what I did when trying the Mogami Gold Instrument cable. A buddy of mine picked this up because he had credit at GC so he figured why not try it. Boy am I glad he did. We were both blown away by the difference in the thickness of the tone from this cable compared to the other cables we had to compare it with. It provided a thicker, chunkier tone and simply was way better than a standard cable. I had heard that these were great choices but who has or thinks that a cable can make that much of a difference, especially at the price of almost $60. After we compared back and forth more than a few times, I didn't want to go back to the old cord, let alone go home and not take this with me. Needless to say I will be getting one for myself as soon as the funds will allow.

I took off the jack to see the construction and it is so meticulously built and soldered on the inside. You can see why the cost is what it is for sure. My only concern was the way it curls up. Whatever they use to construct this cable is somewhat different based on the way it doesn't quite lay flat for you, it wants to curl up which is annoying as heck. Yes it can be dealt with but it is the only thing that keeps this review from being perfect. I would also be curious how this would affect you in a gigging situation and if it would cause more issues than it might be worth For sound difference alone, this cable is worth it. Bottom line is yes you will pay for it but as is not always the case, you get your money's worth with this item.