Monster Studio Link 500 TRS(M) to XLR(M)
Monster Studio Link 500 TRS(M) to XLR(M)

Studio Link 500 TRS(M) to XLR(M), Mono/Stereo Cable from Monster.

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MountAnDewMe 10/01/2012

Monster Studio Link 500 TRS(M) to XLR(M) : MountAnDewMe's user review

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Let me start by stating I usually do not buy Monster products. I fill most of my cable needs with Mogami wire. I can say that I am very happy with the way this particular cable has served me over the years. I use these to link my recording interface with my monitors. My previous rig had XLR outputs and I was using Mogami cables in the past but the next rig only offered TRS outputs for the monitor outputs. I unfortunately got greedy and could not wait to have a pair of new Mogami cables shipped so I went to the local music stores and these were the best I could find. I figured Monster is not a bad company and they had a crazy fat gauge that I saw as a plus. I need to move my monitors a lot because of my living situation or my little kids would probably end up putting a pencil through them. I figured that they were not really much more money than the lower quality models I saw on the shelves so they came home.
They have proven themselves through the test of time as a respectable cable by performing their duty well. They seem to deliver a decent signal to the monitors. It is a bit hard to compare the sound the quality to my old cables because the interface had changed at the same time but I see no real describable loss in quality. They have performed as required over the years and have survived thousands of twists and tugs that most cords never find the displeasure of facing. For the price, I find them to be well worth their money even if only looked at from the longevity angle considering the abuse they see. From a sound quality standpoint, I will also give them a happy face. They do deliver a highly dynamic signal to the monitors that an inferior product is not capable of providing.
I will soon be upgrading to a new interface that will offer XLR outputs. I would like to go back to using Mogami cables again but I will have to consider using a set of Monsters. They warrant at least a fair chance at a new purchase and I will hopefully get an opportunity to put them head to head in the future instead of buying on an impulse. I got lucky when I bought these.