YBA Diamond Interconnect
YBA Diamond Interconnect

Diamond Interconnect, Mono/Stereo Cable from YBA.

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Json 12/08/2014

YBA Diamond Interconnect : Json's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Hi-fi use.
Since 2014.
I've used plenty of cables before these.
Overall opinion.
After some listening time, the Diamond are neutral, the sound is smooth, the resolution is soft, due to its transparency with lots of details, without really highlighting any given frequency. The dynamic response is accurate, there's no question about it! What you hear is music. All sorts of music. From studio to live, from classic rock to electronic music.
They are the best cables I've had. And I've heard quite a few...In fact you don't hear the Diamond, you forget about them, because they give way to the recordings, to the music. The elegance of music at its height. That's what many other cables lack.
They are among the 3 or 4 best cables for hi-fi.
A cable is not meant to make a unit sound better in this or that frequency range, it's only supposed to let through the signal in its entirety without adding anything. Price isn't everything.