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ECS Elitegroup K7S5A
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tofe tofe
Publié le 07/14/05 à 02:54
I bought two and they are both down, but good strength to mount and disassemble, has probably comes from my lack of care ...
I chose this mainly because it supports MODEL both the old PC133 SDRAM (2 slots) and DDR strips until 3200 or PC2700 (2 slots). The agp is up to 4x and my time c'tait a good solution to move from an aging Clron 400 slot A Duron (motherboard + CPU 35 euros 60 euros) and hop a new lease of life, good c'tait there are over 2 years ....
Since I have a Sempron 2500 + MSI, and it is much better ...
Résumé in the price advantage silent, if the map n 'nothing special, I did not test overclocking, but should not be terrible, all the fawn 'I think overclocking is wasteful in terms of performance, for the point of view against galres ....
Looking back, I do not think I referrer that choice ... Finally, the era has c'tait or buy a motherboard and 256 million more CHRE DDR RAM, at least 80 euros more dpenser.
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