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frozenforce 09/04/2012

iCon QCon Lite : frozenforce's user review

«  Product not developed »

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How long have you been using?

I have not really been able to use it because the product is not at all developed and unsuitable for use "precise". I received the first copy I immediately returned to service, I hope it was just a defective part, but unfortunately the replacement model contained exactly the same problems ... So I placed request to get a refund.

Did you try many other models before buying it?

Not really.

What is so special that you like most and least?

- The blue screen very readable
- Product design that I find very thought
- This is the only interface monofader (to my knowledge?) With screen and jog wheel control ...

- The fader is inaccurate, slow impossible to use for precision settings. He can not follow the automation and makes jumping up to + / - 5db (on Cubase) when control returns.
- The rubber buttons are pressed every time you press the
- Blue LED for mute (and why blue???, The solo is yellow in passing ...) is so bright that it dazzles and it's hard to read the screen in the dark.
- The knobs are notched and the air clear and strong, yet they so totally random increment (+ / -2 at the end) and are not to be used for fine tuning. There are also bugs and their value suddenly jump + / - 30 short, unusable.
- There are a number of bugs in the software internal keys reversed functions do not work as expected, the screen display not very clear (PAN mode the name of the current track is displayed for example ).
- You must use a plastic overlay depending on the software used (Cubase for me), which is rather ugly

How do you rate the quality / price?

The price is right, or even very good (€ 149) in view of functions and quality (aluminum housing rather strong), so that the product functioned properly.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

No, but I really like the design, this product would be perfect for my workflow but now today it is totally unusable.