Elation Professional Platinum Spot 5R
Elation Professional Platinum Spot 5R

Platinum Spot 5R, Moving Head from Elation Professional.

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dtdfedoras 11/09/2011

Elation Professional Platinum Spot 5R : dtdfedoras's user review

«  Unbeatable power to weight ratio »

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Value For Money : Poor
I have 15 days from

so far: contest msp 250 (excellent lyres) - heap and dress (250 fine but expensive too expensive) PR Lighting (not bad) - martin (very good but expensive) etc.

I like the + + +: weight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13kg and the power of the lamp is very bright and no adjustment to
this point c is totally successful
it has everything to what is expected of a modern lyre see data sheet I appreciate the frost (excellent) just under the iris
very good point as a plaque was attached to the lyre and allows the plate to fix a plate for totems to do yourself very easily but aluminum for example, in three, thus one gains a considerable time for installation
I like the least: a color n is not exploitable but hey there are still a bunch of roots and some not so good gobos
So I expect to be able to purchase additional gobos history of customizing because I really liked having glass gobos