Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P
Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P

Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P, Multi-Effects Processor from Behringer.

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Chris.angel 08/29/2002

Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P : Chris.angel's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Virtualizer is a simple, cheap and interesting effects processor:
- 24-bit digital processor ;
- 32 algorithms (with reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, vocoder, ...) ;
- 100 memory slots (preset + user in a same bank) ;
- Complete MIDI control and implementation ;
- Editor software.


Usage and programming of effects is simple: a wheel and 10 buttons allow to switch programs, to modify the algorithms' parameters (just enough) and to configure the machine.

Important Note: Program changes are not instantaneous: the new program activates about 2 seconds after it is selected. This characteristic, while interesting when sweeping programs to find one, can be a real problem in a live setting.

The editor software (free download on the Behringer site) is well-designed and equally easy to use. For cons, the latency to MIDI messages is high ... Too high !

As usual with Behringer, the manual is comprehensive, clear and precise.


While the technical specifications are interesting, some effects are disappointing. There are two categories:
- Cons: the reverb and vocoder. The reverbs are cold, metallic, and very similar. Comparing them side by side reveals a 'grain' that is always the same. The vocoder is very limited: on one hand, you pretty much have to change the connector to use it, on the other hand, it gets stuck on an even tone.
- Other: they are ok, doing their job, but are all a little cold.


One thing is certain: this device will not satisfy musicians that want to change effects in real-time (especially guitarists). It also will not satisfy those looking for warm, natural reverb, or even those who would like a vocoder (even as an auxilary).

The Virtualizer will satisfy less demanding persons, that look for other effects (including a variety of delays) and / or want a complete processor for a small budget.