Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor
Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor

SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor, Multi-Effects Processor from Boss.

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dajhne 03/21/2005

Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor : dajhne's user review


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Good little versatile multi effects: delay (Stereo-mono), chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb, pitch shift, distortion, overdrive, rotary, vocoder etc ...
100 user memory, good possibilities for programming, midi full, and the effects for the most part are correct trs.


The ergonomics are well thought out, and the edition is easy: Note that most effects are Submitted as multis, enchantment several DIFFERENT switchable, the order can not be changed ...
The manual is very well made, in French, and Describes the programs.


The programs are usable (by modifying a little), and although the machine is ending for 15 years, it remains to NEWS. The effects cover most of the instruments: voice, keyboards, guitar, bass, there for everyone ... Personally, I like to spend rhythm loops in a disto lgre to color them, or add a multi tap delay on a big kick with amortization frquences dcroissantes. As against the vocoder will just color the voice, to replay the radioactivity or robots, it will be something else;)


I emerged from the closet, and I tightens to customize certain sounds, they add a little something. C'set sr, was not the eventide or tc electronic, but provides good service even when, to use more complment a main effect (or other lexicon for reverbs in particular). This is a real Swiss Army knife, which is used for a long time APRS its purchase ...