DigiTech Studio Quad V1
DigiTech Studio Quad V1

Studio Quad V1, Multi-Effects Processor from DigiTech in the Studio series.

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pic&pulse 08/05/2005

DigiTech Studio Quad V1 : pic&pulse's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Multi purpose numrique scraping 19 '1U, 4 analog input / output jack in 6.35. 4 maximum effect: 4 to 1 DSP resources ncessaires their use.
Fully paramtrable Routing: parallle use, or combined with SERIES SERIES / parallle,
Mono or Stereo, both input and output. The foot.
Full MIDI assignable parameters and 8 MIDI control change by the program.
There are all the classic effects. Bulk: multiple reverbs, chorus, and cousins, pitches (but no whammy), delay, compressor, gate, EQ graphics (up to 31 bands) and settings (up to 6 bands) plus a few tricks of the space that does not serve forcment. Programming and true enough complte treatment stro.
on the other hand, no exiter or distortion.


Well, in my box, manual silent in English, so you'd better speak English that is clear.
The screen is a good size but instead Reserved programming is on one line. The rest is only feature graphic information levels and routing. Once we understand the logic, even when it is fairly easy, especially when one is familiar with multi-effects. The abrviations are talking and the number of parameters is correct.


Overall, the effects are clean, no breath, no Artfact and to gain SETTING THE prvenir indsirables saturations. Well, it was known brand products at much fat rendering. Here, some characters, but the sound is not skinny either.
Compressors effective but numriques. Gates super effective with many parameters that allow an action or trs trs discrte brand choice.
There is not marked on LEXICON reverbs but they are not ridiculous (see the price of the machine).
Ho hum for the pitches when they dpassent a tone.


Bought new 4000FF (600) in 1999, I t sduit the flexibility and transparency of sound. I use it on the mixing and mastering. The effects deal with the same effectiveness as a synthetic voice or a guitar. The assignment of 8 MIDI controller parameters can atomatiser his mixes when its inputs connected to the direct outputs of the multitrack.
It is a great Swiss Army knife that knows almost everything. Fast processor and very correct. The ratio quality price is excellent. I, I keep living, has always used.