DigiTech Studio Quad V2
DigiTech Studio Quad V2

Studio Quad V2, Multi-Effects Processor from DigiTech in the Studio series.

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ZeeByeZon 10/25/2005

DigiTech Studio Quad V2 : ZeeByeZon's user review


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Processor numrique 4 inputs 4 outputs in 1U with 1 to 4 effects simultaneously (sharing of resources, for example if you put a single delay can have four times the delay time that if we put four ). DIFFERENT routing of effects (all you need).
MIDI in / out (with thru function dbrayable).
Effects: reverbs, delays (including delay "analog" nice), dynamics processors, chorus, flanger phaser, detune, pitch shifter ... in fact everything but the effects of saturation.
The effects are ditables 100%, and the twelve o'clock implmentation allows the use of a software publisher (SoundDiver for example, and I know no other lice now). We can also assign MIDI Controller any Settings, but in limited number (I think it's 4).
44.1 KHz works in -10 dBu or +4 dBV.


Relatively easy to use, the screen is big enough. The levels are indicated by between 4 VU meters, very practical.
The wheel of value is convenient but noisy.
on the other hand, you can not change the routing effects without starting a new patch. It's a shame. With a PC editor I do not know, never tried.


The effects are effective, enjoyable and varied rverb trs, great delays. I use little trs dynamics processors on this unit so no comment about it.
The chorus and other modulation effects are good too trs.
Overall, the sound is warm, well-trs.


I got it for 7 years, I made the scne with, the home studio too.
It's very practical to have for example 4 reverb with 4 inputs and one output indpendantes stro common.
It is a device that will always be a useful and always sound good.