U-FLYstudio 04/25/2006

Sony DPS V77 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Indeed dense, teeming banks of programs (200 factory, 200 users) and with an edition for each collossale programs.
4 banks of programs to scroll down through "bank"
2 x In / out jack and XLR (+4 -10) and AES EBU Adapter Sony! large LCD display, rack-intensive square 3V lithium battery (clock, date, number of users, etc ...)


- For programs: two independent DSP effects insert with pre and post EQ effect.
- DSP, many of Algorithms: Hall, Plate, Room, vocoder, saturation, delay, rotary, phazer, flange, chorus, pitch, amp siumulator, sampler etc. ....
- A simple thanks to the editing buttons below the screen.
- Morphing simple and complete as possible in your programs (several crossfade curves for the morphing and 1 to 10 sec for the tempo)
- Possibility of aparaitre programs directly for each of the six parameters of his choice on the window of recall and above the six edit buttons without going into the Edit menu (live super)
- Tap delay through the "enter" key after selecting the delay value
ability to manage the two values ​​of delay (L + R) by pressing twice on the first key (ABCDEF) value of the first delay (left), the two turn black and then be adjusted via the enter key for the tap tempo!
- Double data wheel (slow and fast) and the choice of returning a value via the number pad, it is as the best-designed machine in its class.


One of the most powerful machines in a format that a unit!
its just a chemical, this is the Japanese high-end, nothing to do with Yamaha, but a synthetic hand-typed on numbers rather interesting effects (flat mixable and colorful live and studio, halls devastating pitchers of delay and other filters included very interesting tremolos on keyboards, backing vocals, beautiful chorus on guitars, etc ...) a short rack daring to know by heart to get the best! that will give the illusion of a 480L live on beautiful plates by adjusting the "spread" Notte (the gold plates 2 a little re-marked for ex.) sonnorités actually quite similar to the good programs from 300L Lexicon. Very effective in short reverbs, very !!!!!!!, varieties for the rest of effects, for once very personal and very current trend plugs ...

Impeccable sound quality, rare!


Largely as powerful as a Lexicon PCM81 card with dual FX is a different color of sound, editing even easier, but dense, an effect somewhat between the PCM91 TC and fireworks and more violent!
what is the best in creative and recration plugs into a rack unit 1,
very beautiful product of sound production!

far too little known in France and completely as listed on the OCCAZ!