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BertiB 10/06/2005

TC Electronic M-One : BertiB's user review


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A home studio multi effect very complete with reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, equalizer, noise gate, phaser, detune, pitch shifter ...
the rack is beautiful and very ergonomic, the triple to right input mix output, center the screen very readable, left the edit buttons effects.
The connection is complete


Archi simple everything is clear, front, on the other hand if you want to go into all the details should read the manual in English! because only a simple summary is provided in french, bad for the price
Well Ok, the manual is in french on the website of TC electronic but still ...

Well the presets are already very good and easy to reach with the big wheel.
It was confirmed with the effects toucche "enter" but after not need to confirm to change the setting of a parameter of the effect (simplicité!)

Reverb delay and chorus in my opinion are the strengths. Flanger, phaser are good, the rest not so convincing


You can have two completely independent effects (which makes two machines in one) or combine in series or in parallel. It leaves a number of possibility of its impressive.
The effects are very good and natural for the sound I am very satisfied.
it works with guitar, vocals, bass (I have not tried other intruments)


I use it to record on my PC, it is in a loop on the table unmixing. I use it for 3 years and I am very happy with the sound of the reverbs chorus delay.
These are really two independent effects processor I plug such as reverb and chorus loop to catch live guitars.

If you find a good multi-effects, but especially for reverbs for recording, try this one I think is a very good choice for an amateur home studio as it is versatile and offers a simple very very large number of possibilities.