TC-Helicon VoicePrismPlus
TC-Helicon VoicePrismPlus

VoicePrismPlus, Multi-Effects Processor from TC-Helicon in the VoicePrism series.

John Hord 10/21/2005

TC-Helicon VoicePrismPlus : John Hord's user review


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- Processor vocal dynamic effect, harmonization and modlisation voice.
Internal processing in 24 bits/48000hz
Connectivity exceptional inputs and outputs numriques S / PDIF, AES / EBU Stereo, analog jacks 6.35, midi in / out and phones.

- Voice processing thanks to dynamic effects: Compressor, NOISEGATE for the lead voice and harmony voices, 2 paramtriques EQ for the lead voice paramtriques + 2 EQ for vocal harmonies.

- Other effects: chorus, delay, reverb, etc..

- Modlisation voice with paramtres Type TC HELICON: addition of vibrato, grain, scooping, Warp, spectral effects, Breath, Growl and rasp to his voice LEAD

- Possibility of CRER up to 4 harmony voices plus lead voice starting from the most serious crooner until the voice most acute fminine (natural poustoufflant). What is practical is to be able CRER vritable a choir on which you can assign effects spars !!!!!


- Extremely easy setup
- Edit sounds easy and effective
- Manual available in French trs clear the site of TC HELICON


Mention specially the effects of modeling to add grain, breath, warmth and vibrato on the voice.


I use this unit for one year in prs STUDIO for ralisations, composition, recording and processing of voice MIX.
This unit is unique because it allows, in rptition, concert or studio, to treat a variety of types of songs Manir ultra couraging professional and voices of incredible harmonies and choir.