Altec Lansing 641

641, Multimedia Speaker from Altec Lansing.

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alyex 10/14/2005

Altec Lansing 641 : alyex's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have this kit for about 2 years. I remember the day I'm searching all the mail, I hallucinating (and emlploys post too) by the size and especially the weight of the carton. The subwoofer is simply monstrous, as high, wide and deeper than an average tower PC, not easy to find a place to fit in a small room of 9m.

This is my 2nd kit Altec Lansing, Altec and in it does not make fun of people on the power states. Some will find that in Altec bass are a bit too put forward, it is not wrong but they are not highlighted any time and any how.

At first glance the whole exudes quality in its finish. Esthetique sober but which shows that MODEL is not chosen for its container but for its content.

Simple installation, two jacks (front / rear) for the entries that arrive on the box, a small well thought dtail the son of HP can be changed or extension problem especially if the son of HP arrears are a bit short my taste. Everything is controlled by a wired remote that is not for me inconveniant but rather an advantage because it has a headphone output. The buttons on the remote control is simple and very well penss, there is the rglage volume, bass, treble and stereo modes (2Hp front), X2 Stereo (4HP identical) or gaming (for the 4.1 in games and movies). Another positive point on the front of the subwoofer you can connect an external source like an MP3 player for example.

Bte turn on the ... the default settings in the bass and treble are set to half of their power. First test with "Prodigy - Smak My Bitch Up", I get the volume to the 2nd step of 5, within seconds we etonnn the already large volume low and then come and ... is the earthquake. I felt the walls vibrate and the windows were shattered from bankrupts. I rest my scotch mp3 several test with these settings and I have to go t the subwoofer at least it is so powerful, even at the minimum, it is clear that the subwoofer cree does not pretend to, always shake my furniture.

The bass is super deep and very low frequency as I love them, very Submitted (too often), no drooling, the midrange and treble are good does not completely saturate. Pushing the volume even higher one might think because of their size as the 4 Hp will quickly show their limitations, it is not, it's your ears that will make the soul before. Hp These are really super quality, and the subwoofer ... what to say, expect to find not even the limit one day, it is powerful enough to cover a large apartment over. Besides, my downstairs neighbor, complained I organized a fte year with this kit in a piece about 80 encorme 100m, it was very, very close to its limits . The sound of this kit is very balanced, high quality kit for a PC, it is even better than real home-cine low end between 300 and 500 as I could while tests only cost me 270 or the era it was to high. This set is a joy, not only for music but also in movies, it was perhaps no center speaker but it is still better than cinma with the sound that go from the ground during action scenes. The only negatives are a breath when they are turned on but be utiliss the breath disappears completely in operation and also the fact of not being able to completely turn off the subwoofer to be able to watch movies at night without gener around him but he just cut the bass in its soft sound card and the problem esr SET.

I am absolutely made up by the Altec 641 and I do not sell them, I hope for one thing, they let me go as late as possible because right now whether at Altec and elsewhere, there is no model could succeed him as I know, what a pity Altec Lansing is not continuous production of this model. Relative level / quality excellent price. I would do without this choice hsitation.