Ask Video Cubase 5 Tutorial DVD
Ask Video Cubase 5 Tutorial DVD

Cubase 5 Tutorial DVD, Multimedia/Video Pedagogical Aid from Ask Video.

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Christophe B 08/23/2012

Ask Video Cubase 5 Tutorial DVD : Christophe B's user review

«  A very good training! »

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I trained for several months with these tutorials. Before I was pretty book, manual etc.. This experience has convinced me that the tutorials, it is much more convenient to train software. The strong point of these videos is the pedagogy side "too long" for each of them (a few minutes each time). We go to the essentials. If you need to dig a particular issue, or go to some exceptional needs, it will then use the manual. Indeed, Cubase is a gas plant, we can not see everything and say everything, even in 12 hours. However it is clear that when we looked particularly successful, including, assimilated these videos, we really know a lot about what can be done with Cubase, and more importantly, most importantly, how it can be done.

The only complaint that I could do, to be objective is that the audio is in French with a Canadian accent rather pronounced, but my faith, it understands everything. Level 2 on the DVD, I found that the trainer also go a bit faster (too?) On other DVD and it was a shame. But, these are only trifles.

In sum, I found the training very well. And I certainly redirigerai toward Tutorial Video at Ask.