Elephorm Apprendre Cubase 6 - Les Fondamentaux
Elephorm Apprendre Cubase 6 - Les Fondamentaux

Apprendre Cubase 6 - Les Fondamentaux, Multimedia/Video Pedagogical Aid from Elephorm in the Apprendre Cubase series.

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iansorcerer 03/31/2014

Elephorm Apprendre Cubase 6 - Les Fondamentaux : iansorcerer's user review


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I bought this little training after passing on Cubase 7. From Presonus Studio One, Cubase machine is heavy and not always intuitive. This DVD was part of a pack of 3 courses: basic Cubase 6, Cubase 6 Advanced technology, new Cubase 7.

The training is very well made, well explained and defuses (dare I say) all the complexity of cubase, and it takes my mind not to stop at this dvd and do the other 2 are complementary. I already knew the Elephrom training so no surprise. About 7 hours of training, and nine hours more if you take the other 2 dvd.

If we find a negative, may be the price, which may seem a bit expensive (because of course we always want a little scratch), it says it still has the money.

So yes I do it again this choice with his eyes closed.