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NI Komplete 10 and dedicated MIDI keyboards

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Native Instruments unveils today the new version of its Komplete instrument and effect bundle as well as dedicated USB MIDI keyboards.

Just like the previous versions, Komplete 10 will be available in two Standard (499€ and 199€ for the upgrade) and Ultimate (999€ and 399€ for the upgrade), the latter is shipping on a hard drive.

The new version adds the following instruments and effects:

  • Rounds (99€ separately): a hybrid analog and digital synth with melodic, chords and arps sequences
  • Polyplex (69€ separately): a new tool that allows for creating custom drum kits, with up to 4 sample per sound slot, effect and sound shaping tools
  • Kontour (99€ separately): the latest creation of NI founder Stephan Schmitt himself : a synth that generate organic textures, aggressive sounds and noise
  • The Definitive Piano Collection (199€ individually): 3 acoustic pianos sampled with up to 18 velocity layers, resonance samples, half and re-pedaling functions, release samples with up to 9 velocity layers and more

Komplete 10 also received Session Horns, Drumlab, Supercharger and Driver. In total, the collection includes 39 instruments and effects, 12 000 sounds and more than 130GB of content.

Komplete 10 Ultimate includes all of the above as well as Action Strikes, Rise & Hit, Kinetic Metal, Session Horns Pro, Discovery Series Cuba, Molekular and Supercharger GT.



The other big news is that Komplete 10 / Ultimate is compatible with the brand new Komplete Kontrol S MIDI keyboard controllers.

The new series comprises three 25, 49 and 61-key models, all featuring Fatar keybeds and specially-designed controls for the Komplete instruments and effects. You’ll find a Light Guide multicolor lightning system right above the keys that will inform about the keyswitches, zones… Its color code is the same as in each Komplete instrument and it also offers a visual feedback on the performance parts, such as scales, chords and arpeggios.

The different buttons and knobs, as well as the dual multifunction touch ribbons are automatically mapped to the virtual instrument and effect parameters, each control is also completed with a mini display so you can see the name of the parameters, and you can browse and load sounds via un single button thanks to the Komplete Browser system, which is tag-based.


The Komplete Kontrol S keyboards also feature an instrument-independent hardware arpeggiator with 8 setting controls (direction, rate, rhythm, pattern, variation…), a scale mapping button, a Chord mode that allows for playing chords with a single finger and more.

The three keyboards include a MIDI In and Out, and 1/4” TS input to connect a sustain or expression pedal. They connect to the computer via USB 2.0, note that the cable is included.


  • Komplete Kontrol S25: 499€/$
  • Komplete Kontrol S49: 599€/$
  • Komplete Kontrol S61: 699€/$

The three Komplete Kontrol S MIDI keyboards are also compatible with Komplete 9 / Ultimate.

Discover and pre-order Komplete 10 / Ultimate and the new Komplete Kontrol S keyboards at They will all be available on October 1st, 2014.


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