Alhambra Guitars 3F

3F, Nylon String Guitar from Alhambra Guitars.

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freenix 08/23/2005

Alhambra Guitars 3F : freenix's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar made in Spain, more precisely Muro de Alcoy
Flamenco is one, the woods are solid German spruce for the table, the sycamore laminate (a kind of rosewood) for éclises and back. When the handle to it's mahogany and rosewood fingerboard.
As for the mechanics that are standard in nikelée lyre (the worm attachment is opened).
Listed varnish, no complaints, although it is manufacturing factory (from the model 7 are made by hand) there is no burr. It is beautiful to watch.
Rectification of 23/08/05:
After calling in Alhambra (CA used to speak Spanish) to have any tuning tips (string action) they confirmed that the 3 F is handmade!! over the string action is not fully Flamenca (it should be 3 mm to 12 th frets when she was 5 mm). So they very promptly explained how to Planer the nut, they are not (at that price, it's normal, it saves on labor!). I am eager to make that little finishing work, and since it's a real pleasure, suddenly, now, I put 9 / 10.


For use and handling is a flamenco! so the handle is conventional and action of the strings is relatively low. It does not frieze, even attacking the strings heavily. The weight is very light (on both the wood used), which could leave a sense of fragility of the whole, however, the opposite is true, this instrument is very robust.
The tuning is not a problem, the mechanics but not the high end, perfectly fulfill their roles, and a few rounds of buttons, we find the agreement quite quickly.


In terms of sound; rasgueados, golpe, tremolo, everything go, and we feel right now it sounds flamenco. Alhambra we were not wrong about the merchandise!. Crystalline powerful sound with little sustain (the style requires). The bass is round and warm and the highs are full of harmonics. An attack on the nail chanterelle On Stop the rope and you can hear clearly the harmonic whistling in the chest. Falsetas, alegrias is a pleasure!
There are only some of the Mi soleares acute shortage may be some volume, but in this price range it ny is absolutely nothing wrong.


It's been a month since I have, and I must say I am perfectly satisfied with this instrument. I bought it in Elx 50 km from where they are made! It cost me € 255 with the cover, making a very clear saving compared to France (I saw it at € 390 in certain French shop).
If it again, it would without hesitation. I did not invest in a flamenco concert at the moment, but in a good guitar study. So if you're excited about flamenco, and even the classic and you wanted to try this type of music, with a quality instrument that holds the road and affordable. Try this! It is an instrument that can keep for life (provided, of course, to avoid thermal shock, humidity, ect ...)
Rectification of 23/08/05:
After the nut Planer, comfort game is perfect, very typical Flamenco. This is not a Jose Ramirez, but with that little finishing work, I would strongly advise the beginner who wants a good flamenco guitar study. or even at the amateur musician who wants a quality instrument without breaking the bank ...